So whats it all about Chief?

I wanted to create a place where peeps could come visit, hang out and come away from feeling good. Somewhere like a virtual chill out club.

I’m very fortunate enough to have met people from all walks of life and corners of the globe in this journey of life and every one of these  meetings have brought their own unique flavour into the fabric of my life.
Travel, fitness, health, positive thinking, music, spirituality and many other subjects are things that fascinate me so I’ve decided that whenever and wherever I am and whatever experience I’ve witnessed, observed, taken part in and want to share, I’ll have a place where I can do exactly that with you.

Welcome to the World of ChiefWakaWaka :-))


2 Responses to So whats it all about Chief?

  1. bluestar1971 says:

    Well done my lovely! I opened your page for the first time today. You are such a lively and fun person. Do not ever change and thank you for sharing your experience of life with all of us! Great job! 😀

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