Heard on the bus…

So as usual I’m sitting on the bus attempting to listen to a podcast in as much peace as the bus would allow but as soon as today’s fellow occupant boarded with his voice on full blast I realised I wouldn’t be able to cancel him out so I just switched off my phone and tuned into his rant instead…

His reason for being so worked up is his ex girlfriend. He just doesn’t understand why she’s not into him anymore and thinks it’s her new man who’s turning her against him. He’s REALLY upset ( He’s repeated this a dozen times already and he’s only been on the bus for the past 10 minutes) and thinks “something must be wrong with her” to leave him and be going out with this new bloke. He wants to “deal” with the new guy but at the same time isn’t sure how to go about it. He now wants to know what his mate who he’s speaking to on the phone has said to them. I did think about saying “Mate, she’s just not into you anymore” but I’m just enjoying the distraction. Also I’ve had a little surprise from downstairs as I can hear a Nigerian sister babble loudly in Yoruba about how she’s planning to get as much as possible out of her luggage allowance on her flight to Lagos. I wonder if she’ll be on my flight in a few days time? Must look out for her when I get off. Thank you Brighton and Hove Buses for today’s entertainment. Who needs TV?

Sunny O

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