What a farce!!!!

Long post alert! I had a two sector coach ride to the MotherShip today as the National Express (in its as of recent never ending mission to upset its users more and more) have now reduced direct journeys from Brighton to HeathrowLand from Hourly to every two hours. When the 1st of my two coaches arrived I noticed it was very busy and commented on it to the driver who then informed me that the direct service to Heathrow which was scheduled to leave about an hour before had been cancelled due to a technical issue.
When I boarded all the window seats had been taken up as expected so I just sat myself down. After getting settled, I couldn't help but notice (because I'm nosey like that 😇) the Middle Aged lady who had taken the emergency exit row window seat and plonked not one but two bags on the aisle seat next to her so no one else would sit beside her, she also had her wheelie bag blocking the exit (Heaven forbid it had to be used). I did think about saying something to her but then remembered I still had another coach journey and a flight to the States to contend with so I kept my thoughts to myself determined to hold on to my good Karma. We got to Gatwick South Terminal and she was already out of her seat leaving all her litter in the seat. I do remember hoping she'd left her passport in the seat too. Anyhow, moving on and all that…
Now at The South Terminal I had a thirty minute wait till the FK 200 coach to Bristol via Heathrow. There was already a sizeable number of people waiting for the coach but I wasn't too bothered as I was booked on it and should have a seat reserved already. The Coach arrived and despite the staff telling all those from the cancelled service to wait for the specific coach arranged for them, they all crowded round the driver to try and get on the 200 one and he had to repeat to them one by one what the Gatwick staff had already told them! I managed to get the drivers attention, showed him my ticket, got my case loaded and get on. Phew!!! As I got myself sorted onboard, a very polite young man retrieved my wireless headphones that I was rooting around for…they'd dropped off as I sat down. That was lucky and I thanked him and the Universe for the good Karma. As I re-connected with my headphones, I became aware that we were now headed to the North Terminal before heading on to Heathrow. We were met by yet another large group of customers waiting to board but not all could because they weren't enough seats due to all the extra passengers from the cancelled service. I really felt for the drivers and NX staff as they ran from coach to coach planning out strategies. I also noted that several people from my original coach from Brighton were being moved around yet again. Now let's not forget, I boarded my first coach around 12:30 (it was five minutes late) and was scheduled to get to Terminal 5 at 14:30. It's now 14:51 and we've only just gone past Cobham. I have a new seat neighbour now, an irritated young lady and she's constantly whinging away very loudly to her parents who are sat two rows behind about how slow their journey has been so far. They're going on to Bristol. What a fun day you've got ahead of you! Again I thank the Universe as the young man who retrieved my headphones otherwise I'd be banging my head against the window by now! As I listen to RuPaul and Michelle Visage Kiki with Bob the drag queen, I notice we've just gone by junction 11 on the M25. Just a couple more to go before we get to Heathrow. I'm slightly in disbelief at how long this journey is taking today. The electronic signs keep displaying notices saying long queues and delays. Not looking good but am not panicking because my report time is not till 15:50.
15:16: Junction 13! Not too far till Heathrow now but the traffic is still going really slowly. Hang on! Wait…I see a plane! We're nearly at T5. Was just beginning to think about calling the standby desk! what on Earth is going on today? I know it's school holidays and it's a Friday but that was ridiculous!!! Anyhow, it looks like Chief Wakawaka will make it to the ball after all today. What a farce!!! Have a good one peeps.

Sunny O

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