I finally got to watch the film ‘Lion’ on my flight home today. My colleague Lesley had advised me “to have a tissue or two handy” while watching as there are a few sad scenes in the first forty minutes. Now I don’t know whether it was the comfort of my club seat or the lovely glass of Albariño I was having with my meal but I was a WRECK half  an hour into the movie and had to decline my wine glass being topped up because I was afraid I was going to descend into full African mode sobbing away and blowing my nose. Such a brilliant cast of talented people and Sunny who plays the lead character  in his younger years is a little gem with such a bright future ahead of him. What makes the story even more poignant is that it’s based on the true life story of Saroo (on the left of the picture at the bottom) as a young child gets lost from his family and ends up being adopted and raised in Tasmania by an Australian couple and eventually as young man traces his way back home to India and his birth family. The movie also draws attention to the plight of children who go missing every year in India. Dev Patel who plays Saroo as a young man does an incredible job too as does Nicole Kidman who plays his adoptive mother. 

As I dabbed my eyes yet again after finally mustering up the courage to have another glass of wine I decided I needed to watch something very different afterwards…Suicide Squad which didn’t disappoint! #LionTheMovie  #Saroo  #DevPatel  #WakawakaTravel

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