Back to me…

So am off Facebook again. This is the result of a series of events which happened on there. You can hardly post or re-post an article without rubbing someone up the wrong way nowadays and it’s mentally exhausting when you start questioning yourself over it. 
When I initially started my blog, it was part of my effort to engage less on FB but slowly and surely I ended up back there posting, sharing, interacting and enjoying the various experience and ease of communicating with friends and family worldwide. 
I found it priceless in keeping up with friends activities and life events and also very helpful in keeping track of events and causes I had interest in. Updates in its technologies and add on features such as messenger have made it an online ‘One Stop Shop’ for information and communicating and best of all its all FREE. 

I had realised I had well and truly embraced my addiction with FB when much to my alarm I noticed my thumbs twitching involuntarily, a sign of ‘Repetitive Thumb syndrome’. A few months ago I realised I could type messages using my thumbs without looking at my phone’s keyboard. They were that busy!!!! Thankfully that has subsided and am determined to keep it that way. 

The first few days off have been the hardest I must admit. But my ‘weaning off’ process is getting easier and much to my delight I’m realising I have more time to do other things such as reading books I’ve been meaning to for ages, listening to Podcasts and radio programmes and not use any spare time I have to check my phone to see what’s going on. It’s been quite liberating actually. You really don’t realise how much of your time social media takes up till you’re off it! 

I still have my Instagram account to log my pictures of trips and activities and Twitter to keep me updated on stuff going on and what’s trending. I’ve already been succeeding in actually meeting up with friends and enjoy their company properly whether it be over coffee lunch dinner or meeting at a social event. I’ve also discovered that I can still work on my page ‘I C FACES’ with my partners TT and Raffaella without having to have a personal FaceBook account anymore so there really isn’t any reason for me to go back there. Am reclaiming me and LOVING IT. See you all out there in the Big Wide World! 
Sunny O 🙂

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10 Responses to Back to me…

  1. John fitz says:

    🙂 well done Sunday, more to life than social media. Live your life not other people 🙂

  2. Julie says:

    With you on all of the above…living my life, not observing everyone else’s. Xx

  3. hiromiyam says:

    I stopped mine for 3 weeks and nothing changed, I came back it was all still ok, but I learned to stop checking it, not that much goes on really, not really 🙂 I share more in Insta and you’re in it xx

  4. plustenner says:

    You have inspired me! I have been wanting to wean myself off Facebook for a while now – no time like the present xx

  5. julia says:

    Oh Sunday I do miss you on Fb…but you are totally right ! I am going away for a few days and Im not taking my laptop and Im logging out of everything while Im away…here’s hoping the world doesnt end or i will never know about it….love you xx

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